For Three Songs (Release date: October 26th, 2018):

“It’s really cool stuff, and it manages to make a very old style of music sound very modern.” — Brooklyn Vegan

“The haunting and beautiful vocals demonstrated in ‘Crocuses’ IS what Katie represents to herself, and to the world.” — Come Here Floyd

"joining contemporaries such as Mountain Man in crafting classic, hymn-like folk that draws its primary inspiration from the splendour and severity of the natural world." - Various Small Flames

“Immediately, you might be reminded of The Celtic Woman or Florence and The Machine. ‘Crocuses’ is folksy and almost tribal…“Crocuses” is a transformative, tantalizing and impactful new single from Katie Mullins. We’re eager to hear more.” — Gig Soup

For Wedding (Released January 29th, 2013):

“Katie Mullins is a singer-songwriter — just not in the way you might think.” — John Schaefer, host of WNYC’s Soundcheck

Wedding makes good use of Mullins’ affinity for tiny instruments, setting them against sparse but salient arrangements. The real attraction, though, is Mullins’ voice – tender enough to lure you in, only to wow you when breaking into a high-register chorus.”
— Alexander Abnos, WNYC Soundcheck


For Pastoral (Released November 3, 2009):

“I suspected that her sound would not be typical chick with guitar alt-rock. Happily I was right.”
— Songs Illinois

“Brooklyn singer songwriter Katie Mullins is not just a classically trained singer. She’s a vocal chameleon—and it shows on her debut album of love songs, Pastoral.”
Douglas Q. Smith, NPR

“Mullins’ debut is a valiant effort worth the forthcoming praise. In her title track, she weaves together childlike verses, referring to cookies and sweets, with haunting vocal layering against the backdrop of a clinking mbira….Pastoral is as unassuming as it is ambitious. Bare arrangements and simple melodies are offset by a voice so rich that even her “ooohs” come out sounding sophisticated.”

“Any artist who generates this many hits is coo in my book.”
Gumshoe Grove

“Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Katie Mullins is sure to capture the attention of those who love the simplicity of chick indie rock with her latest album, Pastoral. At first listen the lyrics seem to be basic storytelling, offering anecdotes that remind you of easier, younger days, but Mullins has a way of catching your ear with a line that speaks straight to the heart. ”
The Deli